Lotus Day Spa Skincare Services

Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin!

To achieve healthy, glowing skin, deep cleansing and professional exfoliation is a must. Secondly, a thorough skin analysis is necessary to ensure proper product and treatment selection. This is where customization becomes key.

Initially, filling out a consultation card allows me to determine your skin type and your home skin care regimen, among other factors. Then, before every facial I spend time discussing your current skin condition and concerns. This allows me the opportunity to adjust your treatment for optimal results. During the facial I further examine your skin in order to establish the best possible course of action. This is what makes my facial as special and unique as you are!

Additionally, I am a very result driven skincare therapist. I take meticulous notes every time you come in and I am more than happy to answer any questions I can. I will make suggestions on what products are best suited for you to use at home, but I will not “hard-sell” you to buy anything.

As a dedicated Esthetician I am constantly looking for new and active treatments which may not be listed on my menu. During consultation, alternative treatments may be discussed.

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